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Effective Decision-Making

In an increasingly fluid and dynamic business environment, organisations need to improve the speed and quality of their decision-making. Disruptive technologies and shifting global networks take their toll on individuals and organisations not equipped to operate in these increasingly demanding, dynamic and complex environments.

Your decisions, individual or collective, drive performance. The ability to make excellent decision-making a habit at an individual and collective level is the cornerstone of success in all aspects of business and life. Systems are made up of people; therefore, if people have excellent decision-making skills, systems benefit and become more effective. Research indicates that an increase in the quality and speed of individual and collective decisions directly improves performance, including revenue growth. Sound decision-making is therefore a critical requirement for success.

However, it is increasingly rare to find leaders or organisations who have a structured approach to decision making. To be effective, organisations need a simple, intuitive and consistent way to approach decisions, big and small. By having this approach it will enable leaders to make effective decisions quickly and execute those decisions with precision.

How We Can Help

Embedding excellent decision-making is a two-pronged process. First, it is vital to make excellent individual decision-making a habit. Secondly, the organisation as a whole requires a common decision-making process that is scalable for all levels of the organisation.

Eric Larson, a U.S. expert in decision practices, quotes a study of 500 managers and executives which found that only 2% of managers consistently apply best practices when making decisions, and that few companies have systems in place to measure and improve decision-making over time.

At Rekon Group we have successfully embedded our simple and scalable proprietary decision-making process in organisations, where the process has subsequently driven higher performance.

Working with Rekon, you will engage in activities that sharpen your critical thinking, improve the speed with which you can assess information, sort priority problems and develop effective solutions for each. It is our goal to provides a common language for decision-making and high-performance, create alignment and unity of purpose and provide a consistent approach to solving business problems.

How the Rekon P3™ Method helps Effective Decision Making

To guide organisations through decision making, Rekon Group has developed the DECIDE together™ planning/decision-making process.  DECIDE™ is an acronym that captures Rekon Group’s decision-making steps.  It is a decision-making tool that can be used as a framework for strategy development and that supports for ‘business-as-usual operational problems.

The 6 steps in the DECIDE together™ process are:

  • Describe the environment
  • Establish intent and objectives
  • Create options
  • Identify risks and opportunities
  • Decide and develop the best option
  • Execute and evaluate the selected option.
This decision making process is the heart of effective decision making. It can be used as a framework for strategy development, as well as a process which supports planning for ‘business as usual’ operational problems. When used properly, it will improve decision making and drive actions.

Our Decision Making Training Framework

Rekon Group arms you with practical skills, tools and methodologies for effective decision-making. By the end of our training, you will have learned and practiced applying these skills in the workplace and in multiple scenarios.

Each training with Rekon focuses on learning in a ‘real-life environment’. It’s not enough to have theoretical knowledge – practical application is also critical. Our comprehensive approach includes traditional learning in a formal student-instructor set-up as well as case studies, collaborative discussions, applications to actual real world challenges and structured review sessions.

All of this will be examined through the lens of chaotic, complex, complicated and simple environments. This course will give you the knowledge, confidence and ability to deliberately change a chaotic environment into a simple one with ease.

The program boasts a tiered structure, allowing you to progress to higher levels of learning after your introductory course. It also means that we have available courses suited to every position level, from entry level to executive.

In addition, we focus on developing the following skills as part of our decision making excellence training;


  • Critical thinking – Learn to avoid your personal biases and assess situations rationally based on credible facts.
  • Strategic thinking – Develop the instinct to think forward and make decisions that position you and your team advantageously for the future.
  • Decision making in complex and chaotic environments – Practice the ability to think clearly and formulate plans of action fast even when you are in uncertain and potentially volatile environments.

Who should attend our Decision Making Courses?

We recommend this course to professionals who wish to become more effective in their day to day working and advance their careers. Creative and timely decision-making is crucial because it’s not something that can be taught in one day. It can, however, be learned over time and with a well-defined process, such as the DECIDE™ methodology.

As such, this course is ideal for all employee levels including:

  • CEOs
  • C-Suite
  • Business Unit Leads
  • Middle and Lower management
  • Team Leaders
  • People who are involved in the planning process

Why you should choose Rekon Group

We are a trusted professional development company in Australia offering bespoke training in multiple industries since 2012. We conduct training courses for clients in the corporate, commercial, government and not-for-profit sectors all over Australia.Our team of expert trainers and facilitators is what sets us apart;

  • We have real life experience implementing training programs that focus on effectiveness in chaotic and complex situations;
  • We have a service offering that will maximise available learning time in a reflective environment leveraging eLearning and case studies; and
  • We have the potent combination of practical experience, academic theory, and consulting experience to know what works and what doesn’t;
  • Our sessions are fun, interactive and will provide the tools and knowledge to use in the workplace immediately.

We focus our trainings in Perth, Sydney or Melbourne. See our scheduled courses listed here

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Case Studies

Adrian Manning
EGM North and East

I have worked with Rekon Group to deliver training on two business tools known as the “Decide” and “Direct” tools.

The training was cascaded through the business – starting with the executive and rolling down via a number of guided workshops.

Critically, we quickly found that people starting talking about “our intent”, “the environment” what our “options” were; as opposed to tackling the same problems in the same way; or potentially just asking their direct leader for the answer/resolution.  Quickly. People were collaborating and evaluating alternatives instead of jumping to conclusions.  We had a common language and we understood what each other was doing.  We were able to leverage this quite quickly in the business to drive better outcomes and gain some momentum.

The tools were very helpful.  “Doing a Decide” is quite a common call in our business.  The stronger users adopted the Direct template and started to house more critical items such as Business Unit strategy inside this document.  The two tools operate hand in hand.  I know that Rekon Group has since deployed these tools on mobile devices.

Overall, I have found the engagement with Rekon Group to be valuable, both individually and for the team; and would strongly recommend any business seriously consider the programme that Rekon offer.

James Naylor
EGM West Coates Hire

The Rekon Group program was rolled out to the Coates Hire West Business Unit to strengthen our businesses planning and decision making capabilities from the front line right through to our senior leaders to generate improved performance in both financial and safety results.

The program gave us a common process and language when planning and problem solving in all situations from day to day operational execution to yearly and multi year strategic planning processes with equal impact.

We found that the discipline of framing up the situation, what our objective was, what our options were and how to execute the chosen option in a structured process improved the quality and speed of our decisions and outcomes at all levels and allowed our senior leaders to coach our front line leaders in making better decisions by working through the process together making it highly collaborative and practical.

It can be done in 5 minutes for simple problems and also be used in complex situations requiring many inputs and deep thought.

We have used the processes to develop our annual BU business plans the last 4 years and we have seen very strong ownership and outcomes because of the process by all stakeholders involved.

I highly recommend the program to anyone who operates a large complex business to simplify planning and decisions to allow the business to become more agile and empowering to improve business performance.