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Confidence to make the right decision. Every time.

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Decision making isn’t a sometimes thing – it’s something you do thousands of times a day, consciously and unconsciously.

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This course distills the complex working environment into simple steps and frameworks that I believe will have an immediate impact in our business.

Scott Laurance
Business Development Manager at Technip

Leading Through Uncertainly is the most powerful leadership training I have been involved in. The program applies a unique approach that is underpinned by academic management theory and draws in the application of these theories in the most challenging of workplaces…the battle field.

Both practical and entertaining, I walked away with some valuable leadership tools and a greater insight to how I can be a more effective Leader.

Tony Vaile
GM, HSE and Risk at Telstra

By the end of the introduction to decision making, participants will have a clear understanding of how to approach decision making, the different elements of planning and how to make effective decisions, methodically every time.