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Leadership Management Course

Increase your knowledge of leadership best practices and learn how to craft your leadership style. Rekon Academy provides leadership and management courses that seek to improve your leadership skills to benefit you and your team.

Course Overview

We believe that an organisations output is driven by three factors: culture, strategy and execution. This philosophy is the heart of the Rekon P3 Method™, which focuses on improving people, planning and performance to generate positive results.

Whether you’ve been holding a leadership position for long or have just been appointed or promoted to one, this course can make you more effective at leading and managing.

You can look forward to the following training and points of discussion when you enroll in our leadership management course:

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Learning Outcomes

Our specialised training and the tiered structure of the courses we offer ensure that participants experience progressive learning.We learned over the years of conducting leadership courses and skills training that this is one of the best ways to promote retention and mastery of the tools, concepts and methodologies that help you steer your organisation towards your established goals.

By the end of each course, you will have a better understanding of the responsibilities attached to your role.

You’ll learn how to view situations objectively, find opportunities for improvement and become an efficient problem-solver and effective manager.

Become a certified expert in areas where leaders are expected to shine:

  • Work Ethic
  • Crisis Planning
  • Strategy Facilitation
  • Change Management
  • New Market Entry
We have training courses suited for every leadership position. Join our leadership training program and earn certifications which can help you gain ground in your career path. More importantly, you’ll master the skills that benefit your organisation as a whole.

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Why This Course?

The Rekon Group’s Leadership and Management Course gives you the tools you need to advance from team member to team lead. Knowing the technical aspects of a job is sometimes not enough to get you promoted.

You also need to show that you’re capable of leading if it is your ambition to play a bigger role in your company or organisation.Besides career growth, our leadership and management courses empower leaders to affect positive change in their respective organisations.

Course participants receive a variety of free resource materials, including templates for risk assessment and problem-solving.

Rekon Group has spent years perfecting our approach to instructing both novice and long-time leaders. We strive to bring value to all levels of leadership; and with the P3 Method™, you’ll get a blueprint of best practices that will no doubt yield results for your organisation.

Career Opportunities

We recommend this course to anyone who aspires to progress to a leadership role in his or her organisation. It’s not just technical skills that get people recognised by decision-makers, but also qualities that hint at their potential for more complex tasks and bigger responsibilities.

The ability to make smart decisions fast, spot problems before they escalate into something bigger, offer effective solutions to persisting challenges, inspire people into action and command the respect of their peers are qualities executives want to see in their managerial and supervisory teams.

If you possess these, along with the practical skills required in your line of work, you’ll raise your chance to serve as:

  • Team Leader
  • Account Manager
  • Junior Manager
  • Mid-Level Manager
  • Store Manager

Choose Rekon Group as Your Leadership and Management Coach

Increase your professional arsenal and take control of your career by choosing Rekon Group as your career coach. We’ve been training leaders in various industries since 2012, offering courses to professionals, government offices, commercial clients and not-for-profit organisations.

Rekon Group is your best choice for professional development training and consultancy:

  • On-Site Classes – Enroll entire teams to our leadership and management training program. We will make the experience more enriching by customising a tiered program specifically for your company or organisation.
  • Classes for All – Feel free to join our leadership courses by yourself or with select members of your organisation. We offer one- to three-day leadership courses in open-to-public venues in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne. View the upcoming programs and the schedules you can sign up for.
  •  Accessible Online – Take our leadership and management training courses online via the Rekon App. This mobile and desktop-accessible app gives you access to reference materials and strategy-making tools anytime, anywhere.

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Case Studies

Adrian Manning
EGM North and East

I have worked with Rekon Group to deliver training on two business tools known as the “Decide” and “Direct” tools.

The training was cascaded through the business – starting with the executive and rolling down via a number of guided workshops.

Critically, we quickly found that people starting talking about “our intent”, “the environment” what our “options” were; as opposed to tackling the same problems in the same way; or potentially just asking their direct leader for the answer/resolution.  Quickly. People were collaborating and evaluating alternatives instead of jumping to conclusions.  We had a common language and we understood what each other was doing.  We were able to leverage this quite quickly in the business to drive better outcomes and gain some momentum.

The tools were very helpful.  “Doing a Decide” is quite a common call in our business.  The stronger users adopted the Direct template and started to house more critical items such as Business Unit strategy inside this document.  The two tools operate hand in hand.  I know that Rekon Group has since deployed these tools on mobile devices.

Overall, I have found the engagement with Rekon Group to be valuable, both individually and for the team; and would strongly recommend any business seriously consider the programme that Rekon offer.

James Naylor
EGM West Coates Hire

The Rekon Group program was rolled out to the Coates Hire West Business Unit to strengthen our businesses planning and decision making capabilities from the front line right through to our senior leaders to generate improved performance in both financial and safety results.

The program gave us a common process and language when planning and problem solving in all situations from day to day operational execution to yearly and multi year strategic planning processes with equal impact.

We found that the discipline of framing up the situation, what our objective was, what our options were and how to execute the chosen option in a structured process improved the quality and speed of our decisions and outcomes at all levels and allowed our senior leaders to coach our front line leaders in making better decisions by working through the process together making it highly collaborative and practical.

It can be done in 5 minutes for simple problems and also be used in complex situations requiring many inputs and deep thought.

We have used the processes to develop our annual BU business plans the last 4 years and we have seen very strong ownership and outcomes because of the process by all stakeholders involved.

I highly recommend the program to anyone who operates a large complex business to simplify planning and decisions to allow the business to become more agile and empowering to improve business performance.