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Perth Rekon P3™ Level 1 – 3 Training

Course Overview

The Rekon P3™ courses give you the knowledge and tools to be the leader people talk about for years to come.

Rekon P3™ = People x Planning x Performing.

People are the most important element of any business. Rekon P3 will teach you the fundamentals of leadership, enabling you to foster a culture of excellence and drive high-performance teams in your organisation.

Planning and decision-making are essential for high-performance. Rekon P3™ teaches a simple and intuitive decision-making process for use at all levels in your workplace.

Precision performance is crucial to success. Our six-step communication tool provides clarity of communication, driving accountability and efficiency.

The Rekon P3™ suite of courses are facilitated by experienced professionals with a unique combination of military service, mostly in Special Forces, and business experience. We understand the nuances and complexities of humans working together in high-pressure environments. We use the latest in experiential-learning techniques to ensure your experience is engaging and the knowledge you gain is memorable and immediately applicable.

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Course Details

  • Course Name: Rekon P3™ Level 1 – 3 Training
  • Dates: TBA
  • Venue: TBA
  • Location: Upper Level, Pier 3, Barrack Street Jetty, Perth, Western Australia, 6000, Australia
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Delivery Mode: Instructor-Led
  • Course Price: from $500

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Why You Should Attend?

Rekon P3™ will equip you with the tools, training and confidence to tackle your most complex business problems. Rekon P3™ is proven to get results, increase productivity and ultimately improve your performance – regardless of at what stage you are in your career.

Course agenda

  • Day 1 – Level 1

  • Day 2 – Level 2

    Pre-requisite is Level 1 training

  • Day 3 – Level 3

    Pre-requisite is Level 2 training

Day 1 – Level 1

Explore the Rekon Leadership Model and how to foster Personal and Professional Trust; learn the Rekon DECIDE™ decision-making process and how to use if for linear planning; and develop and communicate simple plans for small teams.

Day 2 – Level 2

(Pre-requisite is Level 1 training)
Explore the Rekon Culture model and how to foster a culture of excellence; learn how to apply the Rekon DECIDE™ decision-making process to complex problems and serial planning; and how to develop and communicate complicated plans for larger teams.

Day 3 – Level 3

(Pre-requisite is Level 2 training)
Understand the difference between simple, complicated, complex and chaotic environments; learn how to apply the Rekon DECIDE™ decision-making process to any type of problem; and how to developand communicate complex plans for large teams.

You will learn a holistic approach that unlocks your individual potential

The Rekon P3™ is a proven approach merging the best from business, the military, and psychological theory.


The purpose of this unit is to provide participants with the knowledge of the importance of leadership and the fundamental Rekon tools required to understand trust and workplace culture.


In this planning focused section, we provide participants with the fundamental decision making principles and how to utilise the Rekon framework to aid the decision-making process.


The final key is focused on performance and providing participants with the knowledge and skills to explain and implement the Rekon DIRECT implementation tool.

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What our Clients are saying

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This course distills the complex working environment into simple steps and frameworks that I believe will have an immediate impact in our business.

Scott Laurance
Business Development Manager at Technip

Enjoyable, re-invigorates leadership principles and provides a basis to better plan and execute in various environments. There were challenging and practical questions, which Pete, a seasoned campaigner answered no problems.

Stephen Lawson
Manager Dynamic Scheduling at Rio Tinto Iron Ore

Awesome course. Very direct, simple and “useable”.

Phil de Vos
Minor Projects & Engineering Services BU Manager at Technip


What is the Rekon P3™?
The Rekon P3™ is a holistic approach that unlocks your individual and business potential and empowers individuals and organizations to perform optimally.

What does the Rekon P3™ stand for?
The Rekon P3™ stands for: PEOPLE – leadership and culture, PLANNING – decision-making and strategy formulation, PERFORMING – implementing, monitoring and reviewing.

How does the Rekon P3™ help me?
The Rekon P3™ is a framework that you can apply in any situation – personally and professionally. It will help you gain clarity in uncertain situations related to working with people, planning and decision making. Once mastered, it will become second nature in your day to day life.

How do I get access to the Rekon tools & resources?
Once you have completed your online training you will get lifetime access to our resources and tools.

What if I don’t want to be a CEO?
The Rekon trainings have been developed to help you progress your career to the level you want.


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