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Improve Problem Solving in the Workplace

The worth of a leaders is tested during times of crisis. These are periods when they may have to exercise their skills in problem-solving, crisis management, change management and strategy planning all at once. As a leader in your organisation, you must master these skills so you can guide your team towards recovery and success.

Conflict or problems are not inherently bad for an organisation. Out-of-the-box thinkers would even consider its presence as an opportunity for improvement and growth. We must be clear about one thing, however: this benefit doesn’t come from the problem itself but the manner with which you respond to them.

At Rekon, we focus on helping develop problem solving skills to arm yourself and your organisation against potentially crippling challenges.

How We Can Help

We help organisations and individuals develop a structured problem-solving process that allows all stakeholders to understand what we are trying to achieve and how we plan on doing it.  This also allows us to streamline the discussion. By having a structured and consistent method, it provides focus and saves time moving between different topics in an illogical manner.

In addition, we aim to set organisations up for future success as we will reduce future planning requirements and the need to continually develop new plans, thus saving time.

How the Rekon P3 Method™ helps Problem Solving

A structured problem-solving approach will significantly improve the quality of the decision and therefore the quality of the output as well. This is the essence of the Rekon P3 Method™ as it applies to problem solving. This process involves all stakeholders and walks them through a sequence of steps, which will generate a common language and shared understanding of the problem.

The simple act of collaboratively stepping through the challenges, and options to tackle them, creates a common language and understanding among the team. This shared understanding is essential for in allowing for faster adaptation when the original plan changes, as it inevitably will.

The DECIDE together™ tool is a specific tool that applies to problem solving. The focus is on applying a single decision-making process that is suitable for all functions and all layers within an organisation. It facilitates the cascading of strategy and plans throughout the organisation, thereby driving alignment and organisational buy-in.

The training we provide covers topics that supplement, if not improve the way your organisation handles crises.

By the end of this course and through the application of the Rekon P3 Method™, you will be able to:

  • Reduce the likelihood of decisions being based on false assumptions.
  • Increase the speed of decision-making.
  • Improve the overall understanding of relevant issues.
  • Ensure that we solve the ‘correct problem’.
  • Reduce the likelihood of adopting inappropriate criteria to assess alternate options.
  • Promote a common understanding of key issues across the organization.
  • Facilitate an appropriate assessment of opportunities and risks.

Our Problem Solving Training Framework

Problem solving depends on the accuracy and timeliness of information just as much as it relies on a person’s ability to make wise decisions. In our problem solving training courses, we focus on developing an understanding of intent, which ensures that any planning team solves the correct problem as well as developing a common understanding of the problem, which increases the likelihood that ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions will be generated and considered.

This is done through design thinking approaches, collaborative workshops, real-world case studies and framework application. The deliberate practice of exploring innovative and different options for any challenge is a discipline all good planners share.  Any problem-solving process that facilitates this practice will find new ideas routinely get incorporated into plans and in some cases set the innovation agenda.  Disruption doesn’t happen by mistake; it happens when organisations make innovation a habit as opposed to a lucky event.

Who should attend our Problem Solving Courses?

Developed using the P3 Method™, we focus on problem solving for all leadership levels and to benefit all types of organisations. Whether you’re managing a small business, an Executive running a commercial business venture or leading a not-for-profit organisation, the P3 method™ will help you tackle problem-solving.

Rekon Group provides the tools and techniques that enable you to make the most out of a problematic situation. We can teach you how to find areas for improvement, identify problem points and strategise long-term solutions through our training.

The approaches, frameworks, scenarios and collaborative learning covered in the course will benefit the following:

  • CEO’s
  • Executive level management
  • Business unit leads
  • Department heads
  • Middle management
  • Team leads

Why you should choose Rekon Group

We partner with the Australian National Institute for Training & Development to provide quality training for professionals. We serve commercial, corporate, non-profit and government clients in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.Our team of expert trainers and facilitators is what sets us apart;

  • We have real life experience implementing training programs that focus on effectiveness in chaotic and complex situations;
  • We have a service offering that will maximise available learning time in a reflective environment leveraging eLearning and case studies; and
  • We have the potent combination of practical experience, academic theory, and consulting experience to know what works and what doesn’t;
  • Our sessions are fun, interactive and will provide the tools and knowledge to use in the workplace immediately.

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Case Studies

Adrian Manning
EGM North and East

I have worked with Rekon Group to deliver training on two business tools known as the “Decide” and “Direct” tools.

The training was cascaded through the business – starting with the executive and rolling down via a number of guided workshops.

Critically, we quickly found that people starting talking about “our intent”, “the environment” what our “options” were; as opposed to tackling the same problems in the same way; or potentially just asking their direct leader for the answer/resolution.  Quickly. People were collaborating and evaluating alternatives instead of jumping to conclusions.  We had a common language and we understood what each other was doing.  We were able to leverage this quite quickly in the business to drive better outcomes and gain some momentum.

The tools were very helpful.  “Doing a Decide” is quite a common call in our business.  The stronger users adopted the Direct template and started to house more critical items such as Business Unit strategy inside this document.  The two tools operate hand in hand.  I know that Rekon Group has since deployed these tools on mobile devices.

Overall, I have found the engagement with Rekon Group to be valuable, both individually and for the team; and would strongly recommend any business seriously consider the programme that Rekon offer.

James Naylor
EGM West Coates Hire

The Rekon Group program was rolled out to the Coates Hire West Business Unit to strengthen our businesses planning and decision making capabilities from the front line right through to our senior leaders to generate improved performance in both financial and safety results.

The program gave us a common process and language when planning and problem solving in all situations from day to day operational execution to yearly and multi year strategic planning processes with equal impact.

We found that the discipline of framing up the situation, what our objective was, what our options were and how to execute the chosen option in a structured process improved the quality and speed of our decisions and outcomes at all levels and allowed our senior leaders to coach our front line leaders in making better decisions by working through the process together making it highly collaborative and practical.

It can be done in 5 minutes for simple problems and also be used in complex situations requiring many inputs and deep thought.

We have used the processes to develop our annual BU business plans the last 4 years and we have seen very strong ownership and outcomes because of the process by all stakeholders involved.

I highly recommend the program to anyone who operates a large complex business to simplify planning and decisions to allow the business to become more agile and empowering to improve business performance.