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The Rekon Decision Making App is an easy and intuitive way to make better decisions – all with the click of a few buttons.

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The Rekon Decision Making App is an easy and intuitive way to make better decisions – all with the click of a few buttons.

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Confidence and peace of mind to make the right decision everytime.

The Rekon DECIDE™ and Rekon DIRECT™ methodology will lead you through six simple questions to help make your decision. With our app you can be confident you will have made the best possible decision, regardless of the complexity.


An ecosystem of tools to take your decisions to the next level

Making your decision is only the beginning. The Rekon Decision Making App includes tools and frameworks to strengthen your decisions and share with other people. These include:

  • Project management
    – Gantt charts
  • Project Management
    – Kanban
  • Print to PDF
  • Collaborate in realtime
  • Save projects and templates
  • Share via email, Whats app
  • Voice recognition

Built using the Rekon DECIDE & DIRECT framework.

The Rekon Decision Making App uses a proven six-step process created specifically to help you make better decisions. Each step will help you unpack the essential elements of the decision and help you decide the best option for you.

  • D
  • E
  • C
  • I
  • D
  • E
Describe the environment
Establish the intent and objective
Create options
Identify opportunities and risks for each option
Decide and develop the best option
Execute and Evaluate

Improving your decision-making – exponentially.

We make hundreds of decisions every single day. But until now, there has never been a clear and simple way to ensure the decision you make are as effective as they could be. The Rekon Decision Making App will guide you through all your options to make the best possible decision, regardless of the topic of the complexity.

Improve your decision-making today

For Personal & Professional Use

Have a personal or professional decision to make? It doesn’t matter! The Rekon decision-making App will help you ensure these decisions are as effective as possible. Decisions can be a simple as personal decisions such as; ‘where should we go for dinner this weekend’ through to long and complex organisational questions you may be facing.

Desktop access

  • Choose between fully functional GANTT chart or Kanban
  • Add tasks directly into the GANTT chart
  • Seamless updates between mobile and desktop
  • Enter information either on your phone or mobile


Put the power of excellent decision-making in your hands, tailored for your or your organisations needs.


For individuals or teams wanting to make excellent decision-making a habit.


Great decision-making for teams that need to collaborate and share ideas.
Per user, per month billed annually
$9.99 billed monthly


Great decision-making for teams and organisations that need to collaborate across multiple areas.
Per user, per month billed annually
$19.99 billed monthly


For organisations that want a full solution, including full customisation and support.


See how our plans compare

Step you through decision-making process
Develop detailed plans
Share decisions and plans via email, Whatsapp and more
Share decisions across apps
Set milestones and deadlines
Add meetings
Explore options
Assign tasks and due dates
Create GANTT charts
Save project
Save meetings, milestones, deadlines and tasks to calendar
Voting tool
Weighting matrix
Add photos
Create PDFs
NPV Analysis Tool
Authorised by tool
Add files
Desktop access
Bespoke decision-making and planning templates for your organisation
Custom branding
Dashboard to analyse decision-making in the organisation

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