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How Planning Drives Performance – The DECIDE Together™ Management Toolkit

Plan with Precision

Planning touches all aspects of our lives, however, we often fail to adopt a consistent approach. A formal, well-structured planning process improves the quality and effectiveness of our decision making in several ways.

  1. It improves the overall understanding of the relevant issues
  2. It facilitates an appropriate assessment of opportunities and risks
  3. It helps us ensure we solve the ‘correct problem’, effectively.

The DECIDE together™ Management tool kit is a planning and decision making tool kit that will assist in your decision-making process. When used properly, it will improve decision making and drive actions. It is a process that can be used as a framework for strategy development, as well as supporting business as usual activities.

Who this is for:

CEOs, Business Leaders, Managers and people looking to improve their decision making.

How it will Help:

This tool kit will provide an ongoing framework for decision making. DECIDE is an acronym which captures Rekon’s decision making steps. We will walk you through a proven system that helps you understand your environment, objectives, options, risks, opportunities and best scenario for your decision. By using this framework, you will have a consistent methodology that will help you achieve a clearly defined decision path, regardless of the complexity of the decision.

What’s in the tool kit:

  1. The DECIDE together™ framework
  2.  A scenario planning ‘guided workbook’
  3. ‘How to’ guide to get the most out of the Rekon App (and take the process digital).

Download the tool kit now