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Six considerations for choosing your Leadership Program

Shani Logan
29 October, 2020

“Leadership effectiveness has been shown to be the single most powerful driving force for an organisation’s success” (Zenger Folkman 2019). As you plan for developing the leadership in your organisation in 2021, consider these six factors*:

  1. Tailor the leadership program to your organisation. The program should reinforce the style and behaviours you want to see. Resist a templated approach.
  2. Define the scale and scope of the program. If you want to change behaviours across the organisation, the program needs to be organisation- wide.  Do not expect to see organisation-wide change by addressing only parts of the organisation.
  3. Senior leadership support is essential. Senior leadership needs to lead by example. They must walk the talk by owning and taking part in the program.
  4. Teach with practical and applicable tools and scenarios. Theory is good – application is better. Ensure the training includes memorable, applicable, and relevant scenarios.
  5. Integrate leadership into current management practices. Adoption and use of the leadership program should be part of ‘doing work’.  Set expectations for use in performance appraisals, recruitment and onboarding, and remuneration.
  6. Continue to measure and reinforce outcomes. If you cannot measure it, it does not exist (Drucker).  Have tangible and practical measures of success.  A 360 survey at the start of the program to benchmark with follow up surveys should be the bare minimum.

*The six factors are the work of Zenger Folkman 2019, Filling the Leadership Pipeline, available from: https://zengerfolkman.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Filling-the-Leadership-Pipeline_WP-2019.pdf