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This course has taken me from being an apathetic, disinterested and afraid leader to one who is hungry and has an appetite to lead my team whether they are in chaotic or a complex situation. I feel empowered to build relationships based on personal and professional trust. Outstanding three days I only wish I knew this earlier.

Colin Derrick
Armadale Kelmscott Health Service Head of Paediatrics

This course distills the complex working environment into simple steps and frameworks that I believe will have an immediate impact in our business.

Scott Laurance
Business Development Manager at Technip

A fantastic course that provided a set of tools that can immediately be applied to enable leadership through uncertainty. Pete made the subject approachable, enjoyable, and definitely fun. Couldn’t recommend highly enough.

Greg Biegel
Enterprise Software Consultancy

Enjoyable, re-invigorates leadership principles and provides a basis to better plan and execute in various environments. There were challenging and practical questions, which Pete, a seasoned campaigner answered no problems.

Stephen Lawson
Manager Dynamic Scheduling at Rio Tinto Iron Ore

Awesome course. Very direct, simple and “useable”.

Phil de Vos
Minor Projects & Engineering Services BU Manager at Technip

The Leading Through Uncertainty course was the best three days I have had at any conference. The power of leadership coupled with good planning and communication is a weapon. If you want arm yourself to become a great leader, a great enabler or a fantastic team member than this course is for you. Never again will meetings go around in circles and never again will you walk out of a working group wondering if it was a waste of time.

Mark Donaldson, VC
Recipient of the Victoria Cross for Australia, the highest award in the Australian honours system and 2010 Young Australian of the Year

I found this course tremendously valuable. It has changed how I think about leadership and planning. I have no hesitation recommending every leader does this course.

Crispin Collier
GM Business Development, Fortescue Metals Group

Leading Through Uncertainly is the most powerful leadership training I have been involved in. The program applies a unique approach that is underpinned by academic management theory and draws in the application of these theories in the most challenging of workplaces…the battle field.

Both practical and entertaining, I walked away with some valuable leadership tools and a greater insight to how I can be a more effective Leader.

Tony Vaile
GM, HSE and Risk at Telstra

Doing this course filled me with confidence to successfully negotiate chaotic situations. I would thoroughly recommend these courses.

David Scheffer
Senior Management Accountant at BIS Industries Ltd

The Leading Through Uncertainty course was excellent the way it brought together new and current industry best practice approaches into a concise package. I use the tools every day. Thanks Peter, Great Job.

Mike Boland
Project Lead Technology implementation BHP

Great relevant and logical tools that can actually be implemented in my workplace.

Lucy Ellis
Business Manager - Armadale Health Service

In a high growth and dynamic organisation, having a structured process for planning, decision making and communicating is fundamental to success. It is imperative that the entire team understands the intent and that a common language is used across the company at all levels. The course helped me to identify some key areas for improvement within our company and some simple methods to enhance professional trust and effectiveness across the team. Congratulations to Pete for using his life experiences to create a very informative and entertaining package. Highly recommended.

Wayne Jones
Co-founder, Director and CEO Indoor Skydive Australia Group Ltd

The Leading Through Uncertainty course delivers a clear and thorough guide on how to achieve effective leadership in varied scenarios. Critically, this course not only focuses on identifying key characteristics of leadership, but progresses to the practical mechanics of leadership by exploring how to identify, plan and communicate in different contexts. For any person who accepts the responsibility of leading people and recognises the dynamic nature of that challenge, the Leading Through Uncertainty course provides frameworks and skills that support agile decision making, that enable leaders to remain effective in all circumstances.

Michael Foley
former Coach of Western Force Super 15 rugby team

The Leading Through Uncertainty course exposed me to strategies and tactics that work when it really matters. The content and delivery is clearly informed by the insight that the instructors have drawn from their elite military and private sector experience. This is not stuff you can learn from a book. I’d recommend it to anyone in a leadership role who is looking for an edge.

Matthew Pettersson
Oil & Gas BDM

This course was very insightful and I learnt a lot about my leadership style and the culture of my company. Being able to articulate strengths and weaknesses using the language and tools provided is extremely valuable. The planning and communication methodology makes it more intuitive, effective and succinct. Very enjoyable and insightful course. Well worth the three days.

Nick Caldwell
Co-founder/Director The Mill Gym

An extremely informative, practical, and interactive course which provides a solid and simple framework to tackle effective leadership, planning, and communication.  A must for any leader.

Simon Martin
Commercial Manager- MRS Atlas Copco Australia Pty. Ltd

The course was immensely valuable and we have already implemented Recons ‘Personal and Professional Trust’ model though our leadership group. Recons ideas are both profound and practical in their application. I would highly recommend the Recon Leadership program.

Terry Dillon
Head of Shadforth, WA

Peter has managed to capture the long evolved planning and leadership capabilities of elite military, weave them with modern business strategy and deliver a course that will provide benefits to any participant, across any sector, for any industry. Peter brings the best of Special Forces and Business Management consulting to together in a system for planning and communication that is unlike anything I have encountered before.  It is a universal template that provides a common language for any part of your enterprise, large or small.  Thanks again, for a fantastic course.

Peter Fox
Director Westar Capital

I have attended several leadership courses and I found this one quite unique as it covers very practical and essential fundamental components of leadership – leading self and leading others; how to plan for different real world environment (complicated, complex and chaotic) and essentially, how to effectively communicate the plans to achieve intended outcomes. This course is well designed and provide tools that can be applied in the work place immediately. The use of framework for planning such as DECIDE and for communication such as DIRECT is logical, practical and easy to remember.

Director Allied Health
Major Public Hospital

I found the course very enlightening. The DECIDE/DIRECT structure is an excellent tool for any corporate or emergency response executive. The course was delivered with passion and knowledge and allowed participants to get involved.

John Robertson
Inspector Operations Manager Forensic Division WA

We attended the Recon Leadership through uncertainty course. The invaluable insights and tools we gained that have already assisted our organisation since, have proven the value of this course. The practical learnings allowed us to introduce the modules into our business almost seamlessly, and the “professional & Personal trust model” really helped identify and re-align our leadership approach. If you operate in a high paced, dynamic and changing environment – this is a must!

Brett Sheridan
COO Indoor Skydive Australia Group Ltd

Having recently attended the leading through uncertainty course, I can’t recommend this three day package highly enough!  Pete and the Recon Team have delivered a lexicon and problem solving framework that allows leaders at any level to solve take highly complex, people centric problems. Anyone that is either in a leadership position or aspires to be a leader within their business environment will benefit from this course

Alex Cheeseman
Project/Technology Manager Omni Executive

I really enjoyed the training. I found the principles and tools learned during the course were simple, easy to understand, and really so easy to put into practice! I did the course with my supervisor and the course helped put a lot of our current issues into perspective and we are using the tools already

Karina Seng
Client Relationship Manager at Shadforth Financial Group

Whilst I believe the course is relevant and offers great value to a very broad audience, it would have been particularly helpful when I was navigating my career transition from Army Officer to business leader. The course reinforced for me the strong foundation of leadership, planning and communication expertise that I gained from my military career and contextualised it to practically any other industry. At the end of the course I felt renewed confidence in what I already knew, had a deeper insight into when to apply my pre-existing knowledge and I learnt a great deal more about contemporary leadership and management theory and practice.

Rich Elderfield
Director Security and Response Services at Department of Corrective Services

Pete runs a very entertaining yet very valuable workshop. Pete was very helpful in aiding my team and I in setting our strategy for the future and understanding how to get there. His knowledge of team dynamics and leadership is extensive and was instrumental at helping us progress. Highly recommended.

Nick Smith
Rugby WA

Peter has successfully applied his military and corporate experiences to create an outstanding framework applicable for all leaders.  He offers simple yet effective tools to assist leaders in all situations and uses relevant examples to support his framework.  Pete’s understanding on how to lead, plan and communicate in chaotic and complex environments is remarkable.  This course is recommended to anyone looking to enhance their leadership capabilities.

Greg Blycha
Operations Officer Department of Defence

The Leading Through Uncertainty course was excellent.  It was entertaining and provided a clear method on how to approach planning, decision-making and how to communicate the plan to a team.  Throughout the course it was apparent that using a framework like DECIDE and DIRECT (as mentioned on the course) results in better decisions and better results.   From my experience on this course I have no hesitation in recommending Recon Leadership.

Matthew Blycha
Partner at Holman Fenwick Willan